Thursday, March 09, 2006

Beastie Boys A Cappella Tracks

Element 1: Beastie Boys A Cappella Tracks
Element 2: Anything
Equals: Your very own Beastie Boys mash up
Artist: You

Now you can be just as cool as djBC (I said as cool, not as good) and the Beastie Boys want to help. They are offering a cappella versions of over thirty of their songs for free on the Beastie Boys A Cappella Download Page. The tracks are for "your won personal use to make your own remixes". See, that's why everyone loves the Beastie Boys. They know what's going on! Check out what people have been doing with those tracks in over on the Beastie Boys Message Board. So which artist would you mash up the Beastie Boys with if you, you know, had talent? Take the Mash Up Poll in the sidebar.


Comments on "Beastie Boys A Cappella Tracks"


Blogger dave said ... (9:34 PM) : 

these beastie boys acappellas are wierd. i downloaded them a long time ago. they're good but 'cause they're beastie boys but they're low quality.


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