Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Grey Album - Danger Mouse

Element 1: The Black Album - Jay-Z
Element 2: The White Album - The Beatles
Equals: The Grey Album
Artist: Danger Mouse

The Grey Album is a prime example of a mash up masterpiece. Hip-hop artist and producer Danger Mouse used the lyrics from Jay-Z's The Black Album and mixed them with the music from The Beatles' The White Album. The result is an incredibly well produced pop album. The album was (illegally) downloaded over one million times in one day and triggered an avalanche of law suits which seem to have to (officially) have been won by the record companies as The Grey Album is not available for download anywhere on Danger Mouse's site. The album is however available from many other online sources (try Banned Music or Illegal Art for starters). For more information and links about The Grey Album check out the protest site Grey Tuesday - Free The Grey Album.

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