Monday, March 13, 2006

The Juggernaut Bitch

Element 1: The X-Men The Animated Series
Element 2: Voice over
Equals: The Juggernaut Bitch
Artist: My Way Entertainment

OK, what do you get if you take a bunch of twenty-something (probably) stoned guys in a Chicago suburb and give them a laptop, a microphone and an episode of The X-Men The Animated Series? Why you get the The Juggernaut Bitch, duh! In this version of the cartoon you get an idea of what I bet the writers at Marvel actually wanted Juggernaut to be like but just couldn't get away with. I suppose I should say that you shouldn't watch The Juggernaut Bitch if you're easily offended by, um, anything. Commence explosion dodging!

Thanks to Sasha and Adam.

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