Saturday, March 04, 2006

Toy Story 2 Requiem

Element 1: Toy Story 2 (pictures)
Element 2: Requiem for a Dream (dialogue & music)
Equals: Toy Story 2 Requiem
Artist: Mike Hindes, Alien Panic

Trailer mash ups seem to be particularly popular lately. Mike Hindes of Alien Panic put together the trailer Toy Story 2 Requiem using the pictures from Toy Story 2 and the dialogue from Requiem for a Dream. Amazingly he manages to get the dialogue lengths just right for the clips he's showing and the trailer comes complete with a music montage set to Dirtbag (remix) by Psycraft (never heard of them but it's a great song). The best part of this trailer has to be watching Jesse swear like a truck driver. Awesome.

Via GTMcKinght.

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