Saturday, March 18, 2006

Brokeback Mountain 2

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Lots of hot actresses
Equals: Brokeback Mountain 2
Artist: Tauquil

And the Brokeback parodies continue. I suppose this the result of the heterosexual male getting even after being dragged by his girlfriend to see the movie.

Thanks to DK.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Poll Results: Bob Marley & The Beastie Boys

Well the results are in and it looks like Bob Marley is the favorite for a mash up with The Beastie Boys. So listen up all you mash up artists, grab your Beastie Boys A Cappella Tracks and find yourself some vocals from Sir Marley and get to work. Let's see what can do. The Marley Boys? The Beastie Bobs? The possibilities are endless! In the mean time check out the new poll in the sidebar.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Free Culture @ NYU Film Remix 2006 Project

Element 1: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or The Matrix (films)
Element 2: Your sharp sense of humour and your knack for creating intelligent parodies
Equals: Free Culture @ NYU Film Remix 2006 Project
Artist: You

Free Culture @ NYU (the NYU chapter of the national student organization, has launched a project open to anyone interested in participating. The goal is to choose one of the given trilogies and "edit down the footage into a parody of the original, adding or removing elements (voiceovers, scenes, etc) as necessary." The parody (and they are adamant about it being a parody as opposed to a satire) has to be 5-8 minutes long and the submissions will be posted online at the end of April 2006. Can't wait to see the results. For more information check out the Free Culture @ NYU Wiki. Which trilogy would you most like to see parodied (not satired, parodied)? Check out the poll in the sidebar.

Fight Club Remixed

Element 1: Fight Club
Element 2: New voice over and music
Equals: Fight Club Remixed
Artist: Through A Glass Production

Here's another one for the Film Genre Remix category: Fight Club (sans Brad Pitt) as a romantic comedy complete with R. Kelly on the soundtrack. The quality of the voice over is pretty bad but you get the picture.

Thanks to DK.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Juggernaut Bitch

Element 1: The X-Men The Animated Series
Element 2: Voice over
Equals: The Juggernaut Bitch
Artist: My Way Entertainment

OK, what do you get if you take a bunch of twenty-something (probably) stoned guys in a Chicago suburb and give them a laptop, a microphone and an episode of The X-Men The Animated Series? Why you get the The Juggernaut Bitch, duh! In this version of the cartoon you get an idea of what I bet the writers at Marvel actually wanted Juggernaut to be like but just couldn't get away with. I suppose I should say that you shouldn't watch The Juggernaut Bitch if you're easily offended by, um, anything. Commence explosion dodging!

Thanks to Sasha and Adam.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Sopranos Sudoku

Element 1: The Sopranos
Element 2: Sudoku
Equals: The Sopranos Sudoku
Artist: and The Star Ledger

Here's a different kind of mash up for you, because we here at Mash Up Mansion love all kinds of mash ups equally, we don't discriminate here. Here's an unlikely combination of elements: the hugely popular logic puzzle Sudoku and pictures of characters from the show The Sopranos. The goal of the game is still the same ("to fill in the empty cells, one numeral in each, so that each column, row, and region contains the numerals 1–9 exactly once") but instead of numbers, you're dealing with The Sopranos. I can't imagine this version of the game would work very well on paper but it does the job online at Don't quote me on this but I see a Simpsons and/or Family Guy and/or some other TV show Sudoku game coming to a website near you.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Mega Man vs Ghosts 'n Goblins

Element 1: Mega Man
Element 2: Ghosts 'n Goblins
Equals: Mega Man vs Ghosts 'n Goblins
Artist: Broken Function

Time for a great video game mash up, perfect for your Friday afternoon. The good people over at Broken Function have created a Flash-based game that integrates characters and elements from two great 80s Capcom video games: Mega Man and Ghosts 'n Goblins to create Mega Man vs Ghosts 'n Goblins. Oodles and oodles of mash up fun for you, my loyal readers. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Beastie Boys A Cappella Tracks

Element 1: Beastie Boys A Cappella Tracks
Element 2: Anything
Equals: Your very own Beastie Boys mash up
Artist: You

Now you can be just as cool as djBC (I said as cool, not as good) and the Beastie Boys want to help. They are offering a cappella versions of over thirty of their songs for free on the Beastie Boys A Cappella Download Page. The tracks are for "your won personal use to make your own remixes". See, that's why everyone loves the Beastie Boys. They know what's going on! Check out what people have been doing with those tracks in over on the Beastie Boys Message Board. So which artist would you mash up the Beastie Boys with if you, you know, had talent? Take the Mash Up Poll in the sidebar.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Film Genre Remix

Another mash up trend affecting trailers everywhere (other than Brokeback Mountain theme) is the genre remix. Here is the recipe: take footage from an iconic genre film (horror seems to be the flavour of the day) and recut a trailer for it to make it seem like the film is from a completely different genre ("feel good movie of the year" is usually the goal). In order to achieve this, record a new voice over track, sprinkle liberally with Peter Gabriel's Salisbury Hill and let simmer. Here are a few I've come across:

Element 1: The Shining
Element 2: New voice over and music
Equals: The Shining Remixed
Artist: P.S. 260

Element 1: Apocalypse Now
Element 2: New voice over and music
Equals: Apocalypse Now Remixed
Artist: Unknown

Element 1: Silence of the Lambs
Element 2: New voice over and music
Equals: Silence of the Lambs Remixed
Artist: Jeff Pfaller

Element 1: Se7en
Element 2: New voice over and music (and a bit of Brokeback for good measure)
Equals: Se7en Remixed
Artist: Neohuman Productions

Thanks to Jeff, Shig and Sasha.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy - DJ Cappel & Smitty

Element 1: Frank Sinatra
Element 2: Notorious B.I.G.
Equals: Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy
Artist: DJ Cappel & Smitty

Still playing catch up over here at Mash Up Mansion. In the summer of 2005 DJ Cappel & Smitty came out with Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy, a Frank Sinatra/Notorious B.I.G. mash up (in case you were wondering "“Bed Stuy"” represents Bedford Stuyvesant a project in Brooklyn where Biggie grew up. Don't say I don't do my research). The pairing is obviously fun and the mixing is smooth and subtle. Not quite in Danger Mouse's league but still lots of fun. As for how to get your hands on it, you'll have to pay a visit to your friendly neighbourhood file-sharing program.

Google Maps Mania

Element 1: Google Maps
Element 2: Anything and everything
Equals: Google Maps Mania
Artist: Google Maps Mania

I couldn't even venture to cover all the Google Maps mash ups that are out there right now so I'm not. Instead, I'll tell you who is doing just that. Google Maps Mania is a blog that aggregates information about every single home-brew Google Maps application out there. And believe me there's a lot. A lot more than you'll ever need. Some of the best/most useless ones include the JackTracker (as in Jack Bauer) and The Geography of Seinfeld. Some of the more useful sites offer information on housing, employment, gas prices and transit.

Tom Cruise on Oprah As It Should Have Been

Element 1: Tom Cruise's appearance on Oprah
Element 2: James Frey's appearance on Oprah
Equals: Tom Cruise's appearance on Oprah as it should have been
Artist: VH1 Best Week Ever

In this short interview mash up VH1's Best Week Ever gives us a glimpse of the interview that never was. We get to watch as serious, disappointed Oprah confronts a nonsensical albeit indignant Tom Cruise.

Mash Up Mixer - Ministry of Sound

Element 1: Some track loops
Element 2: More track loops
Equals: Your masterpiece mash up
Artist: You

I know what you're thinking when you listen to all these music mash ups: "Big freakin deal, I can make that shit too." Well now instead of lying to yourself you actually can with the Ministry of Sound Mash Up Mixer! With three different sets of six track loops that happened to have their beats perfectly matched you can just pull the faders up and down and listen as your masterpiece creates itself. It's quite a rewarding experience actually.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Hung Up On Soul - Party Ben

Element 1: Hung Up - Madonna
Element 2: Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie
Equals: Hung Up On Soul - Death Cab For Maddy
Artist: Party Ben

Not a whole album here, just one song but man do I wish it was a whole album. This Death Cab/Madonna remix is much better than I thought it would be when I heard about it. The song is mostly Sould Meets Body over the beat from Hung Up and a bit of Madge's vocals for good measure. Check out both the original mash up and the Minus Maddy versions.

Thanks to Jen Cutts for the tip.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Coca-Cola Blāk

Element 1: Coca-Cola
Element 2: Coffee
Equals: Coca-Cola Blāk
Artist: The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola has created a new brew called Coca-Cola Blāk, "an invigorating and stimulating blend that has a perfect balance of the effervescent taste sensation of Coca-Cola and natural flavors, with real coffee." Erm, so it's carbonated coffee? I'm not sure how I feel about that. The press release is calling it "an adult product in a carbonated beverage" which is code for "this drink has so much caffeine that we highly recommend that you don't give it to your children." Blāk was launched on the French market in January and will be unleashed on the rest of the world later in 2006.

Mate a Movie - Worth1000

What happens when a movie catches the eye of another movie from across the room, a little film flirting ensues and they ultimately end up back at one of the movie's apartments? a movie poster mash up, that's what! Brought to you by the fine (as in sexy!) people at Worth1000, Mate a Movie 11 is the 11th (duh) in a great string of Photoshop contests. Readers submit Photoshopped movie posters that combine the themes of two movies. Some of the entries include The Catwoman In The Hat (Catwoman + Cat In The Hat), Shrulk (Shrek + Hulk), Office Space Balls (Office Space + Space Balls) - yes I felt like I had to spell them all out for you just in case you're, you know, dumb. There are 11 such contests so far (use the drop-down menu to access the older ones). Here are my favorite mash up posters from the most recent one:

Element 1: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Element 2: Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Equals: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Wallace and the Were-Rabbit
Artist: gerace

Element 1: Runaway Bride
Element 2: Corpse Bride
Equals: Runaway Corpse Bride
Artist: jaymeekae

Element 1: Saving Private Ryan
Element 2: Napoleon Dynamite
Equals: Saving Napoleon Dynamite
Artist: 1funnyguy

American Edit - Dean Gray

Element 1: American Idiot - Green Day
Element 2: Various songs by various artists (including Oasis, U2, Aerosmith, etc.)
Equals: American Edit
Artist: Dean Gray

Dean Gray calls the songs on American Edit "reinterpretations of the Green Day band's hot new album American Idiot" (I love the cover art remix too). Each song off the original Green Day album is remixed with samples of songs from many different artists (for a track and sample listing check the Wikipedia entry) as well as snippets of speeches by George W. Bush and John F. Kennedy. Needless to say the mash up album has a decidedly political bent to it (as did the Green Day album). The album is pretty good on the whole but I found it a little bit bulky, perhaps because of the sheer amount of material he used, but really, who cares what I think? Download it (try here) and judge for yourself. Similar to Danger Mouse's Gray Album, American Edit has sparked lawsuits from record companies and such which has in turn triggered Dean Gray Tuesday, the Save "American Edit" protest held on December 13th, 2005.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Super Mario Kill Bill

Element 1: Kill Bill Vol. 1
Element 2: Super Mario Bros. (sounds effects)
Equals: Super Mario Kill Bill
Artist: Unknown (let me know if you know)

Woohoo! My favorite scene from Kill Bill - where Uma faces off against Gogo - set to Super Mario Bros. music and sound effects. Hmm, seems a little less violent somehow.

Via BoingBoing.

Brokeback Mountain Mash Ups

Alright, it's time to address the plethora of Brokeback Mountain mash up trailers that have been floating around the internet. Apparently many people have been inspired by the gay cowboy theme and have taken it upon themselves to apply it (with varying degrees of success) to same-sex friendships in various films and television shows. Some of them have just been recut to imply a gay theme and others have actually used the dialogue from Brokeback Mountain but all of them have one thing in common: Gustavo Santaolalla's song The Wings. That song was so successful in capturing the mood of the film that as soon as you hear the first three notes you know you're in for some homosexual lovin'. Here are the big ones:

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Back to the Future
Equals: Brokeback to the Future
Artist: Chocolate Cake City

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Charlie's Angels
Equals: Brokeback Angels
Artist: EmbiggenX

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Lost
Equals: Brokeback Island (I)
Artist: crazymol4588

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Lost
Equals: Brokeback Island (II)
Artist: Noa08

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Lost
Equals: Brokeback Island (III)
Artist: MontyGail

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Pulp Fiction
Equals: Brokeback Fiction
Artist: NoSoup4U

Element 1: Brokeback Mountain
Element 2: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Equals: Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback
Artist: Stephen Carr

Mortal Combat vs Street Fighter 2

Element 1: Mortal Combat
Element 2: Street Fighter
Equals: Mortal Combat vs Street Fighter 2
Artist: Proxicide

If you're like me and you love versus fighting video games (cause you can kick someone's ass simply by pressing every button in a manic kind of way) they you'll love the video Mortal Combat vs Street Fighter 2 by some dude who calls himself Proxicide which is Latin for big D&D geek. But that's ok because the video is still cool. Ryu crosses dimensions via an inter-dimentional worm hole and squares off against Scorpion. There are lots of super cool moves, lots of Scorpion shouting "come 'ere!" and even a love story. This thing is rife with Hadoken goodness.

Via GeekLikeMe.

Toy Story 2 Requiem

Element 1: Toy Story 2 (pictures)
Element 2: Requiem for a Dream (dialogue & music)
Equals: Toy Story 2 Requiem
Artist: Mike Hindes, Alien Panic

Trailer mash ups seem to be particularly popular lately. Mike Hindes of Alien Panic put together the trailer Toy Story 2 Requiem using the pictures from Toy Story 2 and the dialogue from Requiem for a Dream. Amazingly he manages to get the dialogue lengths just right for the clips he's showing and the trailer comes complete with a music montage set to Dirtbag (remix) by Psycraft (never heard of them but it's a great song). The best part of this trailer has to be watching Jesse swear like a truck driver. Awesome.

Via GTMcKinght.

The Beastles - djBC

Element 1: Various Beatles songs
Element 2: Various Beastie Boys Songs
Equals: The Beastles
Artist: djBC

It is with great pleasure that I present you with djBC's The Beastles. In the spirit of Danger Mouse's The Gray Album, the brilliant mash-up album Let It Beast combines the rap vocals of the Beastie Boys with the pop melodies of the Beatles. Who would have thought they'd make a perfect match? Well djBC did. And the result is a mash-up masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and grab Let It Beast of djBC's website before the RIAA shuts it down. Hurry!

Via Boing Boing.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Element 1: Harry Potter (films/books)
Element 2: Powerpuff Girls
Equals: PotterPuffs
Artist: Naomi Noelle

For some reason these types of things make me squeeeee! with joy. God I'm a nerd. Much in the same vain as the as the South Park style Lost characters, this is a Harry Potter/Powerpuff Girls mash up. Live Journal user Naomi Noelle has created PotterPuffs where she brilliantly draws various Harry Potter characters in Powerpuff Girls style. She also uses her PotterPuffs to depicts various scenes from the books/films as well as other "scenes" that appear neither in the books or the film (ie: a Harry/Snape romance). Unfortunately she has decided to stop creating new PotterPuffs pictures in order to focus on other drawings however her site still has all the PotterPuff goodness you could ever want. Not sure why these things amuse me so, but they do. Try not to be so negative.

Lost Characters, South Park Style

Element 1: South Park Create-A-Character
Element 2: Characters from Lost
Equals: Lost characters, South Park Style
Artist: in VICTORIA

A few months ago I wrote about the South Park Create-A-Character application in I Guess We'll Just Have To Adjust. Now there's a new Dutch site called South Park Studio Version 2 which is basically the same thing with more options (like, hundreds of more options). Big deal, right? Well here's the neat part: a girl on a Livejournal site where you post icons has used South Park Studio Version 2 to create a South Park likeness of Lost characters! Genius! The results are surprisingly accurate and they even have funny little captions. Here's the gallery of all the characters.

Wizard People, Dear Readers

Element 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (film)
Element 2: Voiceover and alternate dialogue
Equals: Wizard People, Dear Readers
Artist: Brad Neely

Comic book artist Brad Neely has recorded a commentary soundtrack to the first Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or Sorcerer's Stone for Americans). He calls it Wizard People, Dear Readers. The idea is to watch the DVD on mute while listening to this guy's voiceover and alternate dialogue in the background. In this version of the soundtrack Harry and his friends are alcoholics and Ron is gay. Whether or not you take an interest in Harry Potter is irrelevant. The point is that this is likely an indication of the direction in which mass media is headed. There has long been talk of interactive media and the consumer as producer and I think this is the sort of thing we're going to see more of from now on. Download Wizard People, Dear Readers at Illegal Art.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Grey Album - Danger Mouse

Element 1: The Black Album - Jay-Z
Element 2: The White Album - The Beatles
Equals: The Grey Album
Artist: Danger Mouse

The Grey Album is a prime example of a mash up masterpiece. Hip-hop artist and producer Danger Mouse used the lyrics from Jay-Z's The Black Album and mixed them with the music from The Beatles' The White Album. The result is an incredibly well produced pop album. The album was (illegally) downloaded over one million times in one day and triggered an avalanche of law suits which seem to have to (officially) have been won by the record companies as The Grey Album is not available for download anywhere on Danger Mouse's site. The album is however available from many other online sources (try Banned Music or Illegal Art for starters). For more information and links about The Grey Album check out the protest site Grey Tuesday - Free The Grey Album.

Open House At Mash Up Mansion

What can I say other than welcome to Mash Up Mansion!

Either you've made your way here from my primary blog I Guess We'll Just Have To Adjust (thank you) or you've randomly landed here (thank you) or you're here because I've spammed you (sorry, but thank you anyway). However you got here I hope you like it and I hope you come back. Now let's get down to business. Mash Up Mansion is a blog about mash ups (nothing to do with mansions really, it just seems that alliteration is the way to go). According to Wikipedia, mash ups are considered a combination of music from two or more sources that were previously unrelated. OK, true enough, but I want to take it one step further: the concept behind Mash Up Mansion will be to bring you any and every kind of culture/technology/media mash up. Anything that brings together elements of music, film, television, art, design, photography, web, fashion, etc. that have nothing to do with each other to make something new and exciting.

I'll start off by laying the foundation of this blog with classic, well-known mash ups just so that I'm up to date and everyone is on the same page, then I'll take it from there. Know of a great mash up just itching to blogged about? Send your tips here.